Custom Images for PeopleSoft Fluid Tiles

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As part of Fluid UI tips and techniques, in this blog post, I share simple steps to upload a custom image for a Fluid tile in PeopleSoft. Please note that the image format has to be SVG, to be used in a tile. Here you go: 1: Go to Main Menu >

PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2 PUM IMAGE 22 Highlight

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In response to requests from customers, Oracle released many enhancements in PUM Image 22. Some of the significant improvements follow: Fluid Approval Transactions These are the new fluid approval transactions delivered in PUM 22 Accounting Tags PeopleSoft accounting tags were introduced in FSCM PUM 18. Due to customers feedback,

Workaround PT 855: Pivot Grid Not Displayed from Tile!

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I came across a bug while working with pivot grids in an HCM 9.2.16/8.55, environment. Yes, we have often seen such errors on few Fluid screens… also while using Tile Wizard (uh oh).  In this blog post I share a small workaround I figured, to ‘revive’ lost display of a pivot grid (of

Asset Deployment Time: A Crucial Healthcare Industry Concern

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Overview With advances in science and medical technology leading to more medical devices integrated into patient care, there is a sharp increase in the number of medical equipment and bedside devices across hospitals. With additional requirements in reporting and maintaining quality care, caregivers no longer have the time to

Powerful Procurement Tools

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PeopleSoft customers continue to look for unique ways to take advantage of delivered powerful tools. PeopleSoft provides these powerful procurement tools in the form of workbenches – Requester’s Workbench, Buyer’s Workbench and Sourcing Workbench. Let’s explore the usage of these tools in PeopleSoft Procurement process. Requester’s Workbench Requesters can