Astute at HIUG 2016

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Astute presented a Live Demo on FasTest Test Automation for V9.2 HCM, FSCM, ELM, CS, Fluid 8.55 Highlights of the presentation are below: FasTest automates testing of PeopleSoft V9.2 on­premise / in the Oracle Public Cloud/ on Amazon EC2. With Pre­Built Tests and Scenarios, Customization Compare and Analysis reports,

Oracle Beats Amazon Web Services in Head-to-Head Cloud Database Comparison New Oracle Database-as-a-Service is 20 years ahead of Amazon Web Services

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Oracle OpenWorld, San Francisco, Calif.—Sep 2016 Oracle Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, Larry Ellison at the Oracle OpenWorld demonstrated that Amazon databases are 20 years behind the latest release of the Oracle Database in the Cloud. In his keynote presentation at Oracle OpenWorld 2016 in San Francisco’s Moscone

Fluid UI Tips: Inserting a fluid homepage as a tile on another fluid homepage

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While designing your Fluid homepages, there may be a need to group together a few related tiles on a homepage and insert this homepage as a tile on another homepage. This will allow users to create layers of data (or tiles) so that the number of tiles in a single

Fluid UI Tips : How to mimic a fluid UI on a small screen

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Often in order to test a given fluid page/feature, one may need to mimic the dimensions of a small device like a mobile device or a tablet. PeopleSoft allows you to select the form factor at the time of login to view how the fluid content will appear on

Understanding PS/nVision for better performance

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PS/nVision is a Microsoft Excel based reporting tool that generates dynamic SQL based on the structure of the report layout. Note that it is not possible to rewrite the queries generated by nVision; but it is possible to affect the number of joins, create slightly more efficient joins, and


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As a young budding “intrapreneur” who is often behind innovation is very often asked a question “is the marriage on cards?” and I always reply “I don’t know. (period) but what I do know is that the marriage of Human resource with Finance is definitely on cards.” It is said