Astute at HIUG 2016

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Astute presented a Live Demo on FasTest Test Automation for V9.2 HCM, FSCM, ELM, CS, Fluid 8.55 Highlights of the presentation are below: FasTest automates testing of PeopleSoft V9.2 on­premise / in the Oracle Public Cloud/ on Amazon EC2. With Pre­Built Tests and Scenarios, Customization Compare and Analysis reports,

PeopleTools 8.55: Pivot Grids – Part 2

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In the last post, we highlighted some Fluid specific enhancements made to PeopleSoft Pivot Grid Technology 8.55 tools. Read on, to learn about the key add-ons that  make the Pivot Grid Wizard, that make it lot more flexible and interesting to use:   Introducing new Aggregate function ‘Count Distinct’

PeopleSoft Receivables PUM 19 Updates

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PeopleSoft has delivered certain key functionalites and enhancements for Receivables module in PUM 19 updates that brings benefits to the business in a way they could eliminate critical pain points and challenges part of day-to-day operation. 1. Allow deposits with zero payment This functionality allows business to create deposits

PeopleTools 8.55: Pivot Grids – Part I

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With PeopleTools 8.55, we are seeing a lot of enhancements and new additions in the PeopleSoft toolset, that make them more configurable and interesting to work with. Tools for Portal Technologies, Lifecycle Management, Change Management and Reporting, are all being made accommodative to the new paradigm of PeopleSoft Fluid

Revolutionize PeopleSoft Reporting with Fluid

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For years now the de-facto standard  has been PS Query and batch programs like AE and SQR, outputs of which are downloaded and “massaged” in Excel to get the data to the end state desired. While there may be a method to this madness, the reality is that Customers