Astute at HIUG 2016

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Astute presented a Live Demo on FasTest Test Automation for V9.2 HCM, FSCM, ELM, CS, Fluid 8.55 Highlights of the presentation are below: FasTest automates testing of PeopleSoft V9.2 on­premise / in the Oracle Public Cloud/ on Amazon EC2. With Pre­Built Tests and Scenarios, Customization Compare and Analysis reports,

Understanding PS/nVision for better performance

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PS/nVision is a Microsoft Excel based reporting tool that generates dynamic SQL based on the structure of the report layout. Note that it is not possible to rewrite the queries generated by nVision; but it is possible to affect the number of joins, create slightly more efficient joins, and


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As a young budding “intrapreneur” who is often behind innovation is very often asked a question “is the marriage on cards?” and I always reply “I don’t know. (period) but what I do know is that the marriage of Human resource with Finance is definitely on cards.” It is said

Webinar on PeopleSoft 9.2 eProcurement with PUM Image 20

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Our recent webinar presentation and live demo was on PeopleSoft 9.2 eProcurement and the new features of eProcurement module in PUM Image 20. We had a good mix of registrants who were either new to PeopleSoft eProcurement or have been using this module for quite some time. Below is

How to Stay Classic on PeopleTools 8.55

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Not too long ago, we had a lot of customers ask us if Fluid page was mandatory because the PeopleTools 8.55 came with it. The answer to this is, it is not mandatory but it does come with some baggage.  By default, it is a Fluid homepage for all

Using FasTest Dashboards for Efficient Comprehensive Reporting for PeopleSoft Test Framework

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We at Astute are strong advocates of Test Automation and have been long working towards test automation using PeopleSoft Test Framework. In order to enhance and expand the capability of this tool we are making continuous attempts to build tools that improve the whole process of testing especially from