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Exploring the ‘FLUID’ world of PeopleTools 8.54 – Part 2: Basic Setup

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Our experience The demos, videos and various blogs from Oracle inspired us into action and we decided to get a bit more familiar with the fluid UI environment within the 9.2 application. My post today is dedicated to some basics on exploring and enabling the fluid mode. How to

Compelling Reasons to Perform Due Diligence in Evaluating Cloud Applications

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As our business worlds continue to shift to cloud-based technology, today’s CXO has a new responsibility on the table: performing due diligence in evaluating cloud applications. The stewards of company financial health, the CXOs of today have a responsibility to recognize opportunity, minimize risk, and deliver objective guidance. The

Exploring the ‘FLUID’ world of PeopleTools 8.54 – Part 1

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Yes, it has caught our attention and why not?! It seems to be the most talked about feature of the latest PeopleTools release 8.54. The ‘Fluid UI’ is being termed as the next ‘evolutionary’ step in PeopleSoft’s UI leveraging the latest web standards and offering to users a significant

7 steps to Boost your ROI:Test Automation with Peoplesoft Test Framework

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Do you cringe when you hear the term ROI? Yes, its true that it is broadly overused and as a result, driven way down the list of business value discussions. When it comes to test automation, the market has been dominated by large software vendors such as HP and

The Cloudification of Enterprise Business Applications

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The cloudification of enterprise level business applications seems to be taking the world by storm (pun intended). Cloud computing has become the new model for enterprise business computing as legacy systems become more and more obsolete. The question that comes to mind is why: What is spurring this unprecedented