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Fluid UI Tips: Inserting a fluid homepage as a tile on another fluid homepage

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While designing your Fluid homepages, there may be a need to group together a few related tiles on a homepage and insert this homepage as a tile on another homepage. This will allow users to create layers of data (or tiles) so that the number of tiles in a single

Fluid UI Tips : How to mimic a fluid UI on a small screen

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Often in order to test a given fluid page/feature, one may need to mimic the dimensions of a small device like a mobile device or a tablet. PeopleSoft allows you to select the form factor at the time of login to view how the fluid content will appear on

Understanding PS/nVision for better performance

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PS/nVision is a Microsoft Excel based reporting tool that generates dynamic SQL based on the structure of the report layout. Note that it is not possible to rewrite the queries generated by nVision; but it is possible to affect the number of joins, create slightly more efficient joins, and


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As a young budding “intrapreneur” who is often behind innovation is very often asked a question “is the marriage on cards?” and I always reply “I don’t know. (period) but what I do know is that the marriage of Human resource with Finance is definitely on cards.” It is said

Webinar on PeopleSoft 9.2 eProcurement with PUM Image 20

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Our recent webinar presentation and live demo was on PeopleSoft 9.2 eProcurement and the new features of eProcurement module in PUM Image 20. We had a good mix of registrants who were either new to PeopleSoft eProcurement or have been using this module for quite some time. Below is