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Exploring What’s new in Peoplesoft FSCM Fluid Approvals

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With increased regulatory requirements, you need to support increasing levels of financial statements certification and external auditors assessment. This has caused changes in your business process to support additional layers of control over more and more of your financial activity. PeopleSoft fluid approvals enable you to easily configure and manage your

PeopleSoft Tips and Techniques: Granting access to your new custom WorkCenter

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Not able to grant access to your newly built custom WorkCenter? Faced this issue so often, finally decided to blog my findings in the interest of all those who are breaking their heads over this! 1. The delivered role that gives access to users to a workcenter is Workcenter/Dashboard user. This

Fluid Tips and Techniques: Adding a classic WorkCenter as a fixed tile on a Fluid Homepage

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When the time comes for a functional analyst to setup a fluid homepage for the end users, there are several design considerations that will need thought and deliberations. Questions like: – What should the landing page look like? How many tiles should go on the main homepage? Should we

Custom Images for PeopleSoft Fluid Tiles

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As part of Fluid UI tips and techniques, in this blog post, I share simple steps to upload a custom image for a Fluid tile in PeopleSoft. Please note that the image format has to be SVG, to be used in a tile. Here you go: 1: Go to Main Menu >