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PeopleSoft eBill Payment Fluid PUM24 Feature

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Would you want your customers to pay their bills quickly and easily saving collection costs for the organization? PeopleSoft eBill Payment PUM24 offers Fluid functionalities to manage customer accounts and pay bills on the go extending classic eBill Payment functionality by adding new features such as Quick Pay and

Implement drilldown URL feature for a PS query based Pagelet

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I ran into an interesting task where I need to build and enable drilldown feature for a PS query based homepage pagelet that is used on dashboard. Drilling URL is a nice feature introduced starting with PeopleTools 8.50 and PeopleSoft added more features in later tools releases that enables

PeopleSoft Receivables PUM 19 Updates

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PeopleSoft has delivered certain key functionalites and enhancements for Receivables module in PUM 19 updates that brings benefits to the business in a way they could eliminate critical pain points and challenges part of day-to-day operation. 1. Allow deposits with zero payment This functionality allows business to create deposits