Exploring the Fluid forms and Approval Builder with the latest PUM 20 FSCM Image

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Manual procedures within your organization can be converted to paperless processes using fluid forms which can then be routed through a configured workflow based approvals.  Avoid coding and since the forms you create are not customizations , future upgrades to your PeopleSoft system will not require you to update these forms.

An authorized end user can use:-

  • My Forms page to view and complete available forms
  • Add Form page to also fill out a new forms, as well as update/view a previously completed form
  • Approve/Review page to review or approve a submitted formimage-1

Step 1: Specify the Form

Form Status:

  • In Design : indicates a form that is being designed, and is not active.
  • Activated: Indicates a form that is active and available for form users to complete.
  • Inctivated : Indicates a form that has been inactivated by either the form’s owner or a form administrator.
  • image-2

Step 2: Layout         

Layout – define the layout of the elements of the form


Step 3: Instructions

Instructions – enter the instructions for users to follow to complete the form


Step 4: Approval

Approval – define the approver user list required for a form which is synchronized with the PeopleSoft Approval Workflow Engine (AWE)


Step 5: Security

Security – define the roles for accessing the form and linking, as well as activate the form


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