Exploring the ‘FLUID’ world of PeopleTools 8.54 – Part 1

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Yes, it has caught our attention and why not?! It seems to be the most talked about feature of the latest PeopleTools release 8.54. The ‘Fluid UI’ is being termed as the next ‘evolutionary’ step in PeopleSoft’s UI leveraging the latest web standards and offering to users a significant improvement over the ‘classic’ interface.

Truly Dynamic & Adaptable!
Incorporating the flexibility of cascading style sheets (CSS3), HTML 5 and java script, the fluid UI is said to dynamically adapt to the user’s device making the fluid pages device-independent. What this means is that as your browser grows or shrinks, your application content will also adjust and conform accordingly. What it delivers is a greater ease of operation on smaller viewing devices like tablets and smartphones.

Seamless Navigation
The contemporary fluid UI unlike previous UIs is no longer a system wide setting. Depending on your own preferences and device/browser capability, the UI can gracefully switch between the classic and the fluid mode.

The Tools for a New User Experience
● Fluid Homepages (the fluid version of application home pages) bring together all the required information, alerts, notifications and ease of navigation within the PeopleSoft application.
● Tiles are designed to be discreet views of a few segments of the application configured as navigational structures, or to display notifications or dynamic visual content from pivot grids.
● The Notification Framework reflects the sum of all notifications from applications represented on the home page.
● The PeopleSoft Navigation Bar offers a faster and more intuitive navigation across the PeopleSoft Application.

Latest PUM Image Delivered with Fluid UI Homepages
Until recently, even though Oracle delivered the fluid framework for development of fluid UI, there were no working examples delivered. Update image 9 delivers multiple PeopleSoft Fluid User Interfaces with enabled HCM transactions ready for any mobile device including two out-of-the box homepages: Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service.
The PeopleSoft teams latest effort through update 10 delivers new features in PeopleSoft Financials and PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management that take advantage of PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface including unique role based homepages.

Our Verdict
Fluid UI has a lot of promise and there is much to explore if you wish to truly experience its capabilities. Even though it’s a relatively new territory, it’s worth the effort. Our next blog post will delve into the details of creating something within the ‘fluid framework’. Stay tuned!

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