Exploring What’s new in Peoplesoft FSCM Fluid Approvals

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With increased regulatory requirements, you need to support increasing levels of financial statements certification and external auditors assessment. This has caused changes in your business process to support additional layers of control over more and more of your financial activity.

PeopleSoft fluid approvals enable you to easily configure and manage your approval workflow to accommodate changing business and regulatory condition providing simplicity and portability.

You can access all of these functions anytime anywhere using a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Using fluid the page layout dynamically changes depending on the device.


  • Requisition Approvals Using Smart Phone

Let’s start by logging in as an approver to view and manage all of the transactions pending approval using a smartphone.The first thing you see when you log in is the employee self-service page here.

Here The approval style shows you the total number of pending approvals, Tap the approvals tile.



The pending approvals page shows you a list of pending approvals regardless of the transaction type. Tap the sidebar to see transaction types or categories.

You can approve multiple transactions using the intuitive fluid interface. You can view all approvals by transaction Type, Date routed, last Operator, Priority, and Requestor.

This provides multiple views of the same transactions grouped into several categories. Using the view by type option you can see pending approvals grouped by transaction

New Fluid

Tap requisition here to see the total requisitions pending approval. In this example let’s see the line level approval by tapping a requisition.



There are two types of requisition approvals it can be a header or fiscal approval or a line or commodity approval.You can see that there is one line pending approval at the top of the page.The summary section shows you the requester, budget status, and lines that require approval.Tap  ‘all’ under ‘Lines’ to see all of the requisition lines and select the line that you need to approve.


Lines that do not require approval have a Greyed out check box that can’t be selected. Tap line one to see more details.In the approval line details page, you can see the shipping information for this line, there may be multiple schedules for this line. To see more information tap the row.

After reviewing all details.Let’s go back to the requisition details page to approve the line. Tap to select the pending line and tap approve.


You can also deny, hold or push back the transaction.Enter comments and tap submit.The system displays a confirmation message.


Tap the approval chain to see the full approval history. You can see the commodity or line level approval with approving information.


  • Comments and Attachments for Purchase Order Using Tablet

Now let’s take a look at the pending approvals page for a different user using a tablet. In this example, We’re going to see comments and attachments.Tap purchase order.


Use the filter button to filter and sort transactions to find specific purchase orders. You can select all transactions and mass approve, deny, hold or push back pending approvals. Tap a purchase order to see more information before approving.


Here you can see the summary of the transaction and more information like comments, attachments, lines and approval chain. Tap ‘view comments and attachments’.


On the purchase order page outline,tap line one to see more information. Line details are shown in the approval line detail page, you can see line comments and attachments by tapping the row.


Here you can see multiple comments and an image attachment, tap the attachment to see it in a modal window. Once you’re done Reviewing the attachment close the modal window. After completing the review, You can approve deny hold or push back the transaction.


  • View Chartfield and Accounting Information

Now let’s see the chart fields that are charged when approving invoices. Tap ‘voucher’  in the sidebar, you can see the list of pending approvals. Tap a voucher to see more details.




Chartfield information can be seen at the line level.Let’s look at line one by tapping the arrow at the end of the line. The distributions page shows all of the chartfields entered for the voucher line, close the modal window once done.


After reviewing voucher and chartfield information you can approve, deny , hold or push back the transaction.


  • Page Composer Highlights

Using fluid approvals you can modify a pre-defined area of fluid  Pages without customization. Here you can see a list of page composer features highlights.


  • List of Modules Where we can use FSCM Fluid Approvals


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