Creating a Fluid Dashboard

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Often a Manager will want to access a custom built homepage with selective pagelets from a predefined list. These pagelets provide consolidated information or to-do lists and they include links to transaction components to assist with Navigation. This is when a Fluid Dashboard comes into the picture.

These are the steps that will help you create a dashboard.

1. Navigate to NavBar> PeopleTools> Portal> Dashboards> Manage Dashboard Pages> Fluid Dashboardst12.Enter the required details as shown in the below picture.


3. Once saved, you will see your Dashboard in the list of Fluid dashboards along with other pre- delivered dashboards. Click on Tiles to add pre- defined tiles to the dashboard.



4. Select all the tiles you will want to access from the dashboard. Remember to select the tile behavior for each of the tiles. For the tile to be published and used, use Opt-Dflt option as this behavior lets the user publish the tile as is.


5. To publish the tile, you will have to save the selected tiles by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on Save. Now, click on Publish to select the tiles from the list and publish them in your dashboard.


6. To arrange tiles on Fluid Dashboard, navigate to NavBar> Parent Folder (Employee Self Service in this example). Look for the dashboard you have created and click on it.



7. The dashboard you have created looks like Img 7. Click on the Personalize icon to Add the dashboard to a homepage.


t88.You will see the following pop-up window when you add it to a homepage.


9. The dashboard is now added as a Tile to the homepage.


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