Fluid Tips and Techniques: Adding a classic WorkCenter as a fixed tile on a Fluid Homepage

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When the time comes for a functional analyst to setup a fluid homepage for the end users, there are several design considerations that will need thought and deliberations. Questions like: – What should the landing page look like? How many tiles should go on the main homepage? Should we have sub-homepages? How to drive security?  And many more…

Often it may be a wise decision to combine the best of both the classic and the fluid world and come up with an integrated solution for your users. One such example can be to create a classic WorkCenter  Dashboard with an intention to centralize all the functional/module specific work (my work, my links, queries and reports) and adding this WorkCenter  as a tile on your fluid homepage (which can be an organizational level homepage)

Here are the steps of achieving this:

1. Creating your WorkCenter

Assuming that the WorkCenter dashboard has already been built using the PeopleTools -> Portal -> WorkCenter navigation, we can proceed with the next steps.

2. Publishing the WorkCenter in the tile repository

We now need to configure this WorkCenter such that it is available as a tile for selection on a homepage.

 Navigation: PeopleTools -> Portal -> Structure and Content

Locate the location of your WorkCenter, and click on edit. Go to the 3rd tab- Fluid Attributes. On the last section, select the folder where you wish to publish this tile. Check all the 3 highlighted boxes.

This will publish your page in the tile repository

Pic 1

3. Adding this tile to your fluid homepage

In structure and content, navigate to your fluid homepage under the fluid content

Click on edit and go to the 3rd tab- Tile content. Search for your WorkCenter, check the box.

Here we have selected the option to publish this as req-fix. This will ensure that the user can neither delete the tile nor move around the tile. The other options include: – Optional, Optional-default, required. 

 Pic 2

4. View the tile on the fluid homepage

Navigate to your fluid homepage and observe the WorkCenter as a tile

pic 3

5. Fixed Tile Published

This tile is locked for the end user and can neither be moved nor deleted.   pic4


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