Fluid UI Tech Tips: Enabling Related Content Framework and Simplified Analytics

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Simplified Analytic feature enables users to create contextual reports when accessing an application page. Consider the example of the delivered fluid page for Supplier Watchlist. This feature enables users to embed related reports within the same page to allow users to view reports that are in context to the supplier being analyzed.

It is currently available only for fluid components. Related content must be enabled for fluid components before users can use the Simplified Analytics Wizard to create and view analytic reports.

Here are the steps to enable this:-

Step 1a: Associating Pivot Grid to a Related Content

Navigation:-PeopleTools, Portal, Related Content Services, Manage Related Content Service.

  • Click the Assign Related Content to an Application Page link.
  • In the Select a Content Reference page, select the Include Hidden Crefs option.


Step 1b: Assigning  Related Content

  • Use the Page search icon in the Page Level Related Content section to select a page. In this example, select the PO_SWL_WATCH_FL page.
  • Choose Analytic Service as the Service Type and then choose the Pivot grid that you can use as the base analytic report template.
  • The Configure Service page appears displaying a list of available parameters (prompts).


Step 2: Creating Analytic Reports

  • Navigate to the required fluid page, in this case the supplier watchlist page
  • Click the Add (+) button in the My Analytics section to create a new analytic report. Because you have just associated a pivot grid template without creating any analytic report yet, the system displays the No analytics available message


  • Pivot grid models created in Step 1b are available to the users as templates for the analytics


Step 3: Specify all the parameters, Save and Publish



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