Fluid UI Tips: Inserting a fluid homepage as a tile on another fluid homepage

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While designing your Fluid homepages, there may be a need to group together a few related tiles on a homepage and insert this homepage as a tile on another homepage. This will allow users to create layers of data (or tiles) so that the number of tiles in a single homepage can be limited and also give users the ability to drill down into a specific tile which may represent a more granular level of tile groupings. An example of this that comes delivered with FSCM is the Employee Self Service homepage which has an ‘Expenses’ tile. Clicking this tile, will lead you to another homepage that has all expense related tiles like ‘Create expense report’, ‘My Wallet’.

Steps on how to replicate this:-

  1. Navigate to PeopleTools -> Portal -> Structure and Content
  2. Open the fluid homepage you wish to convert to a tile. (Fluid Structure Content -> Fluid Homepages.
  3. Note the name of the Fluid Homepage


4. Navigate to Fluid Pages -> PeopleSoft Applications

5. Click on ‘Create new content reference’



6. Specify:-

    – Label: Label for the tile

    – Menu Name: Default fluid menu ‘NUI_FRAMEWORK’

    – Component: PT_LANDINGPAGE

    – Additional Parameters: This links the tile to the homepage. The highlighted text represents the name of the homepage noted in step 1


7. Save

8. This publishes a new tile. This tile is now a part of the tile repository and can be added to a homepage from the ‘Personalize‘ option


Stay tuned for more of such tips and techniques to work with Fluid UI

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