How to Stay Classic on PeopleTools 8.55

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Not too long ago, we had a lot of customers ask us if Fluid page was mandatory because the PeopleTools 8.55 came with it. The answer to this is, it is not mandatory but it does come with some baggage.  By default, it is a Fluid homepage for all devices. Although the look and feel has changed drastically, it proves to be only better if not similar, with features like Fluid Dashboards, Fluid Master/Detail pages and the new Activity Guide Framework. But if you still want to stick to the good old Classic homepage, there is a way and here it is.

You can override the fluid homepage defaults for desktop and tablets using the PeopleTools Personalization page.

To navigate, click the NavBar drop down and select Navigator (as shown in Img 1). Click the PeopleTools tab (as shown in Img 1).


Once in PeopleTools, click the Personalization tab (as shown in Img 2) and then, click the Personalization Options tab (as shown in Img 3).



Once selected and clicked, you are now redirected to the classic page (as in Img 4).


As you enter an Open Category Level corresponding to PeopleTools and search, you will see a page that looks like the following snapshot. ( ref to Img 5)


HPPC applies to laptop and desktop computers and HPTABLET applies to mobile devices. Click the Set Option Default Value link, and select the desired homepage to change the default homepage.

Note: HPPC and HPTABLET options are system- specific settings. They are not for end- user adjustments.



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