PeopleSoft 9.2 FSCM PUM Update 21 New Features

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PeopleSoft 9.2 PUM Image 21 was just released for Financials and Supply Chain users. Many new features were introduced in the core modules of General Ledger, Asset Management, Receivables/Billing and Payables. Some enhancements were also added to the Strategic Sourcing, Service Procurement and eProcurement modules. Current information on new features for all PUM updates is available online on PeopleBooks 9.2 FSCM and the cumulative feature overview report. These information sources are invaluable while applying PUM Updates to your application with or without a Selective Adoption strategy.

Highlights of the PUM 21 release new features (Please note that the minimum PeopleTools version for all these updates except for Receivables module is 8.54):

  1. Service Procurement – The progress log amount can be selectively allocated against one or more distribution lines on progress logs for a deliverable based work order.
  1. Strategic Sourcing – The Notice of Award (NOA) functionality has been enhanced to include a new notification called Notice of Intent to Award (NOIA).
  • NOA – Refers to communication from a company to the winning bidder
  • NOIA – Refers to communication from a company to the winning bidder that an award is forthcoming

The Notice of Award (NOA) functionality has been enhanced to give it a consistent user experience with NOIA. The setup is done at the business unit level and features can also be controlled at the sourcing event header level. There is an ability to who and when to send the NOIA and there are more capabilities with the configurable notification templates such as Ability to include attachment(s) in the notification, Ability to select/deselect bidder(s) receiving the notification, Ability to edit and review content prior to sending the NOIA/NOA, Ability to track when notifications were sent.

  1. Accounts Payable and General Ledger – PUM Image 21 update allows Accounts Payable users to enter amortization information and subsequently initiate advance payment. PeopleSoft creates amortization schedule that helps in reducing manual creation of journal entries to amortize advance payments and also reduces the balance of prepaid account. There is another feature to create stage journals which can be reviewed before creating actual journals.

  1. Receivables – Following enhancements were made to the Receivables module (details as mentioned in the CFO tool):
  • Enhanced the Treasury Report on Receivables (TROR) to implement the changes documented in the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act) of 2014, which was signed into law on May 9, 2014.
  • Added ability to change the Payment Method of a rejected direct debit item to another payment method on the item details page.
  • Added attachment functionality, including an option to upload, view, and delete MICR attachments on the Customer MICR Information page, and the ability to delete existing attachments during item maintenance.
  • Enhanced Receivables Update processing to run for all transactions or for one or more transaction types selected by the user.
  • Enhanced these aging reports to provide the option to subtotal by currency: Aging Summary by Unit (AR3004), Aging by Reason (AR3007), and Aging Detail by Department (AR3009). Select the entry currency to show subtotals by currency.
  1. Billing – Separate invoice numbering rule for consolidated invoice headers is introduced in PUM 21 update
  1. Asset Management
  • PUM Image 21 released new features in Asset Tracking functionality with an ability to use Asset Tag or Serial ID or both scanning assets. This functionality is setup at Asset Management installation options under the Asset Tracking section.

  • Interface Components have been standardized to provide users with optimized and consistent user interface. Further improvements have been made by consolidating the interface components to enable visibility to, update, and approval of both financial and physical interface details from a single component.
  • Mass Transaction Manager has been improved to provide an option to preview asset data to be updated prior to running the actual mass transaction interface.

Oracle shares the latest features of every new PUM image release via their YouTube series and the PUM Image 21 video is shared here:

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