PeopleSoft eBill Payment Fluid PUM24 Feature

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Would you want your customers to pay their bills quickly and easily saving collection costs for the organization?

PeopleSoft eBill Payment PUM24 offers Fluid functionalities to manage customer accounts and pay bills on the go extending classic eBill Payment functionality by adding new features such as Quick Pay and the Message Center.

Quick Pay

Using Quick Pay, you can pay the balance for one currency using a single page, bypassing the Payment Cart entirely. Quick Pay enables customers to pay with the just single click of a button without the need to do a checkout.

The Quick Pay tile and pages look the same in both small form factor (SFF) and large form factor (LFF) designs, with the exception of size.

Quick Pay Blog

Fluid eBill Payment supports payment using Credit Card, Direct Debit, Electronic Check or Paypal.

Quick Pay

Message Center

Message Center gives brokers or users the ability to communicate with the biller within the framework of a mailbox inside Fluid eBill Payment. For example, a broker can send messages to biller service representatives about payments or invoices in a customer’s Fluid eBill Payment account.

Contact Us Tile

Take advantage of the Message Center in the large form factor (LFF) and small form factor (SFF) design to do the following:

  • Send messages to biller service representatives about account or invoice issues.

  • Review messages and responses.

  • Respond to biller messages.

  • Filter messages by date range and other options, including conversation subject and topic.

  • View biller phone contact information, when provided by the biller. Billers use installation pages to set up call options.

Additionally, you can review messages posted through push notifications to view any forthcoming statements, missed invoice due dates and take action on processing payments. The push notifications messages can be accessed from the Fluid banner flag icon.

FSCM PUM24 redesigned and simplified the eBill Payment Fluid functionalities to manage customer accounts and make payments easily on the go.

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