PeopleSoft Enhancements for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – FAQ

What products are affected by enhancements delivered for the Affordable Care Act?
  1. The primary purpose for the ACA enhancements is for Benefit reporting. The majority of the functionality will be in the benefits product.
  2. PeopleSoft has also provided new functionality in Time and Labor to help track and monitor hours of service.
  3. The HR product has been modified to allow the employer to default ACA Eligibility status at the time of hire.
Since the majority of the functionality will be for benefits, do we need Benefits Administration, Base Benefits or both?
  1. Reporting requirements are fully supported by PeopleSoft Benefits Administration.
  2. Base Benefits functionality will meet most of the reporting requirements.  All of the data needed will not be stored in Base Benefits. Examples of missing data in Base Benefits are:
  • Form 1095-C – All health benefit plan options under the employees Benefit Program is assumed to have been offered to the employee . If this is not correct, customers will need to provide other offerings.
  • Form 1095-C – costing and credits – Base Benefits customers will need to provide this information.
What forms will PeopleSoft Support? Will PeopleSoft support Forms 1094-A, 1095-A, 1094-B, 1095-B, 1094-C and 1095-C?

PeopleSoft will only support the 1094-C and 1095-C. (The “A” forms are provided by the exchanges and the “B” forms are provided by the insurance companies.)

What releases will PeopleSoft support for the 1094-C and 1095-C process?

Releases 9.1 and 9.2 only.

Is PeopleTools 8.54 a prerequisite?

No, due to the feedback from customers, PeopleSoft removed the tools 8.54 prerequisite.

Do customers on Release 9.1 need to be up to date on bundles?

PeopleSoft always recommends being up to date on bundles.  PeopleSoft was previously considering the XML Reporting Framework delivered in HRMS 9.1 Bundles #15 & #16 in Oracle’s design.  PeopleSoft NO LONGER uses this feature in the design.  Therefore, Bundles 15 & 16 are no longer prerequisites.  Regardless of this change, PeopleSoft always recommends you stay up-to-date with all Bundle Maintenance.

Will the year-end forms process (1094-C/1095-C) be delivered in the Payroll for North America Product or the Benefits product?

This process will be delivered as part of a HR bundle for release 9.1, not a Tax Update bundle.

Customers on 9.2 will use the new PeopleSoft Update Manager to pull down the changes.

The PeopleSoft Update managers allows you to:

  1. Create a custom change package tailored to the needs of the organization.
  2. You can apply the change in one consolidated change package or pull the changes down as PeopleSoft deliver them.
Is data populated on the Employee ACA Eligibility Page, required for ACA reporting?

Yes. This page is required to complete the 1094-C and 1095-C forms.

Are ALL fields required on to be populated on the Employee ACA Eligibility Page for reporting?

No, many fields on this page have been added to assist customers in tracking their employee’s eligibility. For ACA reporting, however, the employee must have the following fields populated:

  1. Effective Date
  2. ACA Eligibility Status (1095-C, Part II, line 14)
  3. Non-Assessment Period (1095-C, Part II, Line 16)
  4. Non-Assessment Information (1095-C, Part II, Line 16)
  5. Non-Assessment End Date(1095-C, Part II, Line 16)
  6. ACA Eligibility


Where can I find information on what a Non Assessment period is?

Please see IRS instructions for the official instructions on Non-Assessment Periods

You can define a Non-Assessment Period on the Employee ACA Eligibility Page

What are the other fields on the ACA Employee Eligibility used for?

They are there to assist you in tracking your employee eligibility status and service hours.

Can PeopleSoft give me advice on what my organization should be doing and what my reporting structure to comply with the IRS requirements?

You need to know what hours you should capture, what method you should use and how the evaluation, stability and administrative periods should be used to keep you in compliance.

No, PeopleSoft cannot give advice on ACA law or the interpretation of the law.  Please see IRS.GOV for any policy questions or check with your Legal Counsel.

The ACA Eligibility Details hyperlink is not showing up on Benefits Program Participation screen.  What am I doing wrong?
  1.    The ACA Common ID Table and the ACA Company Tables first need to be set up. The effective date of the ACA Company Table would need to be early enough to meet the minimum latest effective dated Job row.  For example, if the earliest most current Job row for the active employee population is 1/1/2000, then this should be the effective date of the ACA Company Table in order for the link to be visible for existing employees.
  2.    Your employee’s must also be in a regulatory region of USA since this is a USA law.
My company is self insured and provides insurance for employees who are not considered ACA full time by the government standards because they only work 20 hours per week. Do they need to be setup on the ACA Employee Eligibility Page?

Yes, they would need to be setup on this page. They should have a status of ineligible since they did not meet the 30 hours threshold. PeopleSoft look at both the ACA Eligibility status and the employee’s health coverage to determine the proper reporting.

We outsource our Benefits. What should we do?
  1. Customers should have their third party provider create the forms.
  2. If the third party provider won’t provide the forms for you then you will need to get all the required data from the third party and load it to tables using a Excel to CI. The data and format are yet to be determined. To create the form for an individual, they must have an EMPLID/PERSON ID in the PeopleSoft system.
  3. Unions that provide the insurance will need to provide the information needed. This information will be loaded using an Excel to CI. The data and format are yet to be determined. To create the form for the individual they must have a EMPLID/PERSON ID in the PeopleSoft system. (PeopleSoft is still in the design phase on what will be required.)
Will PeopleSoft support retirees and COBRA participants?

Yes – for the Retirees and COBRA participants who are separately enrolled in a self-insured plan provided by the employer. To create the form for the individual, they must have an EMPLID/PERSON ID in the PeopleSoft system. If you have a third party processor providing this service they should be the ones providing the form.

How can I update the Employee ACA Eligibility page?

You can use either of the following methods:

  1. You can also default the ACA Eligibility Status at the time of hire.
  2. Manually update this page.
  3. PeopleSoft provides an Excel to Component Interface (CI_ACA_ELIGIBILITY) to load the data.
How can EXCEL-TO-CI be used with the initial load?
  1. For employees who are considered ACA Full Time (working over 30 hours per week) and will ALWAYS be eligible, you should load them to the ACA Eligibility Page as ‘Always Eligible”.
  2. For employees that have fluctuating hours (Status = Eligible or Ineligible), you can use PeopleSoft Time and Labor to assist with this task. The delivered T&L query will compile applicable payable hours from Time and Labor and calculated hours from Job Data to determine the weekly and monthly average hours for each employee. You would use the average to determine eligibility weekly and monthly. Queries will report the employees and their average hours in a format that is compatible with the Excel-to-CI provided by Benefits.
  3. For customers on Release 9.2, the delivered Time and Labor product analytics can be used to track employee status
What should I be doing now to prepare for the year-end reporting?
  1. Ensure your health plans are split out (i.e. medical only, do not combine medical/dental).
  2. Look at your credit amounts. They will be applied to the calculation ONLY IF they are setup at the plan and option level.
  3. Define your ALE membership and grouping structure as well as your safe harbor codes/employees.
  4. Determine/Update the ACA Eligibility Status for existing employees.
  5. Ensure the ACA Employee Eligibility page part of the new hire process.
  6. Ensure you keep up to date on the Non-Assessment information.
  7. Ensure you have Social Security Numbers for Employees/Dependents.
  8. Ensure you have a Date of Birth for Employee’s/Dependents.
  9. Reach out to your Third Party Benefits Providers and start planning.
  10. Ensure you have a license for eBenefits for Employee Self Service.
What IRS Transmitter Method will PeopleSoft be using to transfer ACA information to the IRS?

AFA for ACA Transmitter.

Do all Affordable Care Act patches have to be applied if the data will be imported from a third party for reporting purposes?

Development has advised that all ACA patches will be needed for the transmittal file/forms to work properly when importing the data from a third party.


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