PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 25 Highlights

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PeopleSoft 9.2 Update Image 25 was recently released for Financials and Supply Chain. Below are the highlights from the PUM Image 25:

Supplier Lifecycle Management – Scorecarding

Supplier Scorecarding is a new business process which measures the performance of a supplier. Suppliers are rated and scored based on an organization’s performance criteria. The business process involves creation of Supplier’s Evaluation Templates and Evaluation of Suppliers to track  how they are performing.

Supplier Lifecycle Management

Add Copy for Fluid Payment Request

A new feature has been added which allows the user to copy a fluid payment request and create a new one. After copying, the user can review the payment request, modify it and add attachments and submit it for further processing.

Fluid Payment Request - Copy

Chartfield Update for Expenses Fluid Approvals – Phase 3

Expense Fluid Approvers can now view Chartfields for expense reports, expense report post pay and travel authorization.

View Accounting

Accounting -Details

Fluid Approvers can also view the India Goods and Services Tax (GST) information from the line details page of the expense reports.

View GST

GST Details

Work Order and Prevention Maintenance Fluid Approval

Fluid Approval framework has been enhanced to configure and manage approval workflows for Preventive Maintenance and Work Order transactions in Maintenance Management module. Approvers can now review the transaction details before approving or denying them.

Preventive Maintenance Pending Approval Page

Preventive Maintenance - Approval

Work Order Pending Approval Page

Work Order - Approval

Fluid Approvals Transaction for Supplier User Registration

Fluid Approvals Framework now include the approvals for Supplier User Registration. These requests are from existing suppliers to access Supplier Portal.

Supplier User Registration - Pending Approval

Approvers can select a transaction to view the details including associated Roles and Permission Lists, Approval Chain before approving or denying the Supplier User Registration transaction.

Supplier User Registration - Pending Approval Details

Approval Workflow for Cost Adjustment / Transfer Transactions

PeopleSoft now delivers Mobile Approvals for Asset Management module using the Fluid Approvals Framework. Using this feature, approvers can now view detailed information about asset cost adjustments, line additions, transfers, re-categorizations, revaluations and fixed price markups before approving them.

Asset Details - Approvals

Fluid Financial Structure Change Request

Financial Structure Change request feature is now released in Fluid and enable line of business managers and analysts to create change requests for chart fields and route them for approval. This improves control by allowing users to create and view requests using mobile devices.

Cash Position Drill-down

Cash, Deal and Treasury managers can now view detailed information on Available vs Forecast Balance, Cash Forecast, Investment and Debt by drilling down from the Cash Management fluid home page.

Example of Drill-down feature for Available vs Forecast Balance:

Cash Drill-Down 1

Click on the Available vs Forecast Balance tile to view the balance details for each bank on a current date.

Cash Drill-Down 2

Balance Details can be viewed by further drill-down

Cash Drill-Down 3

Drill-down the transaction to view the statement details:

Cash Drill-Down 4

Modify End Dates

A new feature has been added to provide an efficient method of updating end dates in Grants, Contracts, and Project Costing. Using this feature, the user can update the award end date, related contract lines, associated projects and activities, as well as funding and award modification dates.

Modify End Dates


This feature defines the observations and measurements to be collected during asset inspections. This includes how data elements are evaluated to determine if, and what follow-on action is required. Resulting actions can be a service request, work order, alert message, or more.

India GST Contracts – Billing and Expenses

Two new features have been added:

  1. India GST Contracts to Billing Interface
  2. India GST Expenses

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