PeopleSoft Tips and Techniques: Granting access to your new custom WorkCenter

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Not able to grant access to your newly built custom WorkCenter? Faced this issue so often, finally decided to blog my findings in the interest of all those who are breaking their heads over this!

1. The delivered role that gives access to users to a workcenter is Workcenter/Dashboard user. This role has a single Permission List – EOWC1000

2. If a client wants to use a custom role, then this single Permission List can be assigned to the role.

3. Important:- Apart from this PL, there is a web library that needs to be added. Web library WEBLIB_PTAL needs to be setup and needs access.

The next question that comes up on this topic is related to migrations of these WorkCenters from one environment to another

Data Migration Workbench is a delivered tool that can be utilized to migrate WorkCenters from one instance to another. It comes with delivered Application Data sets specifically built for WorkCenters.

More on this topic in my next blog….

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