PeopleTools 8.55: Pivot Grids – Part 2

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In the last post, we highlighted some Fluid specific enhancements made to PeopleSoft Pivot Grid Technology 8.55 tools. Read on, to learn about the key add-ons that  make the Pivot Grid Wizard, that make it lot more flexible and interesting to use:


  • Introducing new Aggregate function ‘Count Distinct’

Beginning from PeopleTools 8.55, additional option Count Distinct is available for you to define the aggregate functions. Note that Count or Count Distinct aggregates are available for the fact fields that are set to character.


  • Introducing new ‘Dual Y Axis’

This is available only for the columns that are set to Y axis. You use this column to set the corresponding Y axis column as a dual Y axis on the Pivot Grid charts; this means that the system will display a second Y axis on the chart. The values for the second Y axis will be plotted like a Series on the chart.


  • Now use Multiple Columns as Y-Axis

When you use Pivot Grid Wizard to specify axis information, you can set multiple columns as Y axes, and these Y axes will be plotted as series on the charts.


  • ‘Display Mode’ section now removed

Beginning from PeopleTools 8.55, the Display Mode section is no longer available in Pivot Grid Wizard, Specifying Data Model Options page. You can use the Pivot Grid Viewer search page to open and view the Pivot Grid models in either fluid view or classic view.

PT 854

PT 855

  • Introducing Threshold Settings Configuration

Use the Configure Thresholds page to configure the basic threshold settings for the grids and the charts. Note: All threshold settings are applied for both classic and fluid views.


  • Introducing Composite Queries as Data Source

PeopleTools 8.55 onwards, you can associate composites queries as the data sources when you create Pivot Grid models. The steps used to create composite query Pivot Grid models are similar to the steps used to create PSQuery or component Pivot Grid models.

  • ‘Copy Pivot Grid Models’- now available for All Users

In the previous PeopleTools releases, only Pivot Grid administrators could copy an existing Pivot Grid models while viewing the models in Pivot Grid Viewer. Beginning from PeopleTools 8.55, all users can use the Save As option in the Menu Options list to copy the current Pivot Grid model and save it as a different one. If personalizations are defined for the current Pivot Grid model, then personalization are also copied and included in the new model.


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