PeopleTools 8.55: Pivot Grids – Part I

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With PeopleTools 8.55, we are seeing a lot of enhancements and new additions in the PeopleSoft toolset, that make them more configurable and interesting to work with. Tools for Portal Technologies, Lifecycle Management, Change Management and Reporting, are all being made accommodative to the new paradigm of PeopleSoft Fluid as well.

In the last blog post you read about how reporting stands out in Fluid. The dimension chosen for this series of blog posts is reporting technology in PeopleSoft, and one of the most talked about tools here, surely is Pivot Grids. Pivot Grids are a key to building configurable, easy-to-read, drillable and dynamic reports, for both PeopleSoft classic and Fluid user interface.

The focus of Part I of Pivot Grid enhancements in 8.55, is skewed towards Fluid user interface, and this is an interesting piece to learn about and put to use.

Create Contextual Reports using Simplified Analytics

Starting PeopleTools 8.55, Simplified Analytics feature enables users to create contextual reports when accessing an application page. Here is how:

  1. The Simplified Analytics feature is only available for fluid components, and this feature must be enabled for fluid components before users can use the Simplified Analytics wizard to create and view analytic reports.
  2. Create your own Pivot grid models for Simplified Analytics, starting PeopleTools 8.55!
  3. Associate one or more pivot grid models to a component
  4. Map page fields to the prompts that are associated with the template model and define the required context.


 Introducing ‘Editable Facet’ for Fluid

Use the Editable Facet field in Pivot Grid Wizard to enable the data source columns as editable facets (prompts) in fluid view. You can enable this option for the columns that are set as Axis or Value and not Display  in the column type. Different operators are available for different type of fields. Editable facets are valid only when you view the Pivot Grid models in fluid view.

Note: If you view the Pivot Grid models in the classic view, the editable facets are not applied.


Introducing Single-select and Multi-select Facets

Use the Specify Data Model Options page, Fluid Mode Options section, Facet Selection region to set the facet display options to display the single-select and multi-select facets as charts and as lists in fluid views. In the chart facets, you can drill down by clicking the chart data point in the facets.

Note: You can use the Update Filters option in the Menu Options list to add or remove existing facets in the model. You can also sort data in facets and filters using the Facet Sort icon at the top-right of each facet.



Sort Data in Pivot Grid Fluid

You are able to sort the data in four areas of the Pivot Grid fluid views: detailed view, facets or filters, charts, or grids, (sorting facts only).


Drilling URLs in Fluid

Use the Specify Data Model Options page, Fluid Mode Options section, Drilling URL Options region to define how mapped drilling URLs will appear in fluid view. The available options are Full Page Modal, Modal Window, New Window, and Replace Window.


Format ‘Date’ fields in Pivot Grid charts/grids

Use the Date Format field on the My Preferences page (Main Homepage, My Reference, Regional Settings) to set the format of the date fields in Pivot Grid charts and Pivot Grid grids. The format settings at this page are applied for all date values in fluid view.

Note that this applies to classic view as well.



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