Reporting made easy in Fluid

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Reporting from an end user’s perspective is still restricted to these options which are inflexible, one time and effort intensive.


Query manager as a reporting tool is still extensively used even though it provides users with limited options. Each run of the report requires users to input the data set to filter the output as needed. The slice and dice capability comes only once it is downloaded into an excel.


With some of the latest tools from PeopleSoft, the way these queries can be used to generate modern, simple and intuitive reporting is very powerful. Creating pivot grids with the queries as a source and then inserting them onto a classic dashboard drives higher accessibility and usability for these end user reports.Fluid then adds another dimension by enabling such reports on small form factor devices like mobile phones and tablets. Here are the steps to follow to achieve this:-

1.Creating Pivot Grid


Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Pivot Grid > Query name > Search

  • Step 1: Enter query name
  • Step 2: Select the required fields
  • Step 3: Select data value models
  • Step 4: Select the view options
  • Step 5: Pivot grid is created and you can click Publish as grouplet button.


2. Adding a pivot grid to an existing/new Dashboard


MainMenu > Accounts Payable >Accounts Payable Workcenter > Personalize > Select Non-Contract Po Spend





3. Creating Tile for Pivot Grid


Fluid Home > Tile Wizard > Create New Tile


  • 1.Enter Basic information
  • 2. Enter Data source Information
  • 3. Enter Target page information
  • 4. Enter Tile Display Information
  • 5.Review and Submit 6.Publish

picture10 picture11

Enter Data Type information and Pivot Grid name


Enter Tile Layout Properties and Target Page Information as shown in the picture.



Click Review and Submit


Tile Published in the Tile list




4.Enabling Tile On Fluid HomePage


HomePage > Personalize > Add Tile > Peoplesoft Applications > Select Tile Name > Save



Tile Enabled On Fluid HomePage



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