The Cloudification of Enterprise Business Applications

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The cloudification of enterprise level business applications seems to be taking the world by storm (pun intended). Cloud computing has become the new model for enterprise business computing as legacy systems become more and more obsolete.

The question that comes to mind is why: What is spurring this unprecedented migration to cloud applications?

It seems that that the answer is comprised of three main points according to what is being discussed in the industry.

  1. Customers are no longer willing to participate in endless integration.


There is a new level of service that is expected when a company goes to the cloud, namely, integration of products is done for the customer and the software is optimized for the specific solution a customer needs. In short, pre-integration is huge!


  1. Over the past couple of years there has been huge growth in the adoption of SaaS and PaaS applications.


Expert research firm, Forester, backs up this growth trend with its predictions for 2015.


  1. In contrast to where we were a decade ago, it is now possible to have the upmost security in the cloud.

According to a September 2014 report published by infoworld, cloud security can be just as secure as on-premise infrastructure.

Oracle seems to be at the forefront of cloudification as reflected in a recent article published by Forbes Magazine and the ever increasing popularity of Oracle Cloud is having a trickle effect for Astute Business Solutions as illustrated by the steady stream of RFPs from various companies in a wide breadth of industries asking basically the same question: How can we migrate from our current platform to Oracle Cloud?

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