The latest PeopleSoft Fluid Billing WorkCenter

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The newest addition to the list of delivered workcenters comes on the fluid platform targeted specifically for the Billing Managers and operational leads allowing them to get an overview of the scope of work within their organization, review exceptions, look for issues and all this enabled for small form factor devices like our mobile phones as well

The My works Display option

This setup for this section allows the users to personalize the display section of the links on the My Works section



Maintain Scope detail page

The maintain scope detail page allows the users to change the scope detail options for collapsible sections in the My work group box.


Configure Scope

This page allows the users to:-

  1. Determine the order of your scope labels and access additional pages.
  2. Reorder the list of Scopes created
  3. Define a new scope


Currently the ability to add a new Fluid Workcenter is not delivered but is expected to be released soon. For now, this Billing fluid WC is an example of the capabilities and the power of Workcenters and the ability to use such Workcenters on smaller form factor devices driving higher accessibility among users

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