PeopleTest Test Framework matures with PeopleTools 8.55

Last week we got a chance to be a part of the Oracle PeopleSoft partner summit and there was so much we got to hear and see that we could not resist the temptation of sharing the excitement with our readers!

We will dedicate this post to our favorite topic of Test Automation and ‘PeopleSoft Test Framework. As experts in the field of PeopleSoft Testing and Test Automation, Astute hasbeen working with PTF for long and we have seen it evolve as a product. The latest release too comes with lot of enhancements. Some notable enhancements for the PeopleSoft Test Framework 8.55 include:-

  • Ability to recognize the field properties:– If the application uses a color or a font to signify a condition to the user, PeopleSoft Test Framework now has the ability to ask the object (value or label) the color, font size, and properties to properly test the application functionality.
  • Support for SSO– PTF was limited to using the delivered PeopleSoft login page. For customers that used custom pages with SSO, IT shops would have to create dedicated instances for their PeopleSoft tests. Now, PTF will work with just about any log in page customers choose to use. This gives more power to the tester and system administrators won’t have to manage as many environments.
  • Improved Mass Update tool that improves the search and select and find and replace utilities.
  • The ability to simply right click on a Test Case from the test suite view to run the test.
  • New Start and Stop steps for the Usage Monitor so test developers don’t have to manually record the steps as part of the test.
  • The option to preserve test case step values when they copy and paste steps within the same or different test case.
  • Support for add Exists and GetProperty actions to the DIV object. This is important when testing Fluid UI pages.

My favorite- Multi-Browser Support

Finally! One of the biggest concerns (and the one we received most feedback on from clients) was PTF did not support any browser other than IE until Tools 8.54. Add to that the fact that IE is not the browser of choice for a large portion of PeopleSoft users.PTF now adds playback support for Chrome and Firefox in addition to Internet Explorer. This means that now PTF can not only overcome the limitations and restrictions of only using IE, this tool can also be used for PeopleSoft Browser compatibility testing and this is a long-awaited feature that will be very well received by the PeopleSoft audience.

We are about to get started with PTF 8.55 and we are definitely looking forward to it. We will keep you updated as we progress.