Top 5 New Features in PeopleTools 8.55

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Top 5 New Features in PeopleTools 8.55

With the release of PeopleTools 8.55, Oracle has brought to market a lot of exciting new features that PeopleSoft customers will utilize and benefit from. Not only are there enhancements to features from previous PeopleTools releases, but there are also net new features in areas such as Usability, Selective Adoption, Fluid UI, Application Lifecycle Management, Reporting and  Analytics, Monitoring and Cloud.

1. Fluid is Front and Center – With Tools 8.55, the PeopleSoft application homepage presented to the end user will  be Fluid by default and the navigation shall be via this new Fluid interface for all pages (fluid and classic). PeopleSoft applications need to display and run on a wide range of mobile devices. To address this business demand, PeopleTools enables you to develop and customize components and pages for a fluid display when running on supported mobile devices. PeopleSoft applications that have been developed and enabled for fluid display will appear dynamically, depending on the device and screen size used for access, all based on a single page layout definition. That is, you create asingle page definition, using the flexible fluid design approach, and it will display as needed on all the different supported devices, be it an Andriod phone or iPhone or tablet. PeopleSoft activity guides offer a wonderful means to guide your users through complex or infrequently performed business processes.  PeopleSoft applications deliver some great activity guides out of the box, but you can also configure your own quickly and with little effort using the PeopleTools Activity Guide Framework.

2. Dashboards – Dashboards provide dedicated homes for specific roles and functions. With NavBar:Navigator, the navigation is faster in 8.55 and is context sensitive too. Also up are fluid features such as Master-Detail/2-panel interface options and activity guides.
Tile Wizard – The new tile wizard makes tile creation easy, and Oracle recommends users to switch to using tiles. Users can publish their reports to a central repository for others to use.

3. Reporting and Analytics – With regards to reporting, BI Publisher, PS Query, Composite query and others come    with extended capabilities and so do SQR, nVision. For example, BI Publisher gives you the capability to email reports to external users with no user profile, and ability to convert multiple types of documents to PDF and combine them into a single PDF report etc. Crystal Reports will not be supported. However, the major announcement and the most exciting feature in Reporting and Analytics by far, is Simplified Analytics. Simplified Analytics, using Self-Service Pivot Grids, and in context with transactions, allows users to decide and choose the analytic content that is valuable to them. End-users can create their own analytics in context of the current transaction. Administrators can create and push prepared reports to end-users. Pivot grids can be used for user interface for both keyword and structured search. New search engines shall have higher performance and be easier to manage.

Users can now experience enhanced update manager analytics, do customization analysis, test impact analysis and leverage the power of PeopleSoft lifecycle management tools such as PeopleSoft Test Framework and its test automation capabilities.

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4. PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture (PCA) – The PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture and incorporated features such as Deployment Packages (DPKs) work with the Application Configuration Manager (ACM) and PeopleSoft’s virtualization capabilities and can provide a near fully automated process to install and configure PeopleTools. Customers can cut down instance deployment time by up to 90% by utilizing delivered PCA and by customizing it to automate more configuration as per their need.

5. Extended access, new Connect ID DB Password Length and authentication for Cloud File Attachment, are a few of the 8.55 Security features.

Some planned enhancements for PeopleTools 8.55, include Native push notifications for mobile devices for Android/iOS, materialized views for MSS, DB2 z/OS and indexes on materialized views. They also include features in PeopleSoft Health Center such as real time dashboards showing server health, load and performance utilization with drillable details. Alerts for System, Performance, Monitor and Load.

PS Cloud Architecture

PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture

PeopleSoft configuration with Cloud Architecture is an automated process which can be installed quickly (between 30 mins- 2 hours) using the new PeopleSoft Deployment Framework

PeopleSoft Deployment Packages

  • Discrete files you will download from Oracle’s Software Delivery Cloud – Or that will be hosted for use directly on the Oracle Public Cloud
  • Contain the PeopleSoft software, server and client software and automation instructions needed to install and configure PeopleSoft components

Beginning with PeopleTools 8.55, all PeopleSoft instances will be installed and configured using DPKs

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