Using FasTest Dashboards for Efficient Comprehensive Reporting for PeopleSoft Test Framework

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We at Astute are strong advocates of Test Automation and have been long working towards test automation using PeopleSoft Test Framework. In order to enhance and expand the capability of this tool we are making continuous attempts to build tools that improve the whole process of testing especially from the perspective of Test Management and Test reporting. Our bolt on tool FasTest has several pillars with test reporting being the central pillar. Our latest offering that will soon be released is a Test Execution report that allows users to maintain a centralized instance of automated test repository and then report based on test execution. The test executions can be filtered based on:-

  • Module
  • Execution Status
  • URL (Environment)
  • Year of execution
  • Month of execution
  • User login

This gives the organization the ability to maintain a single instance where the entire library of automated tests can be saved. Once test execution begins, every test cycle can be separately reported on by choosing the correct filters on the report. This enables users to maintain and report on historical execution logs and compare results across instances and across test phases. More power in the hands of the users!

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