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Astute’s PeopleSoft 9.2 Sandbox in the Cloud gives an edge over the traditional on-premise solutions by helping clients proactively address V9.2 New Feature Reviews, Fit-Gap, Prototyping, Design, Training, Development and Deployment; all while eliminating overheads of installation, upkeep, maintenance and usage.

Business Challenges

  • To reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while continuing to deliver tangible improvements in both UI and Process to business stakeholders
  • To streamline V9.2 feature intake through PUM while reducing analysis, configuration, testing and training overheads
  • To make V9.2 upgrade and implementation decisions collaboratively between IT and Business teams by providing them Guided Walkthroughs of V9.2 features
  • Working with V9.2 Demo data doesn’t accurately model Customer configurations and business needs


Astute’s V9.2 Sandbox Solutions

Instant Deployment

Astute’s V9.2 Sandbox is deployed instantly in the Cloud and customers don’t have to worry about procuring hardware/software, installing PeopleSoft, configuring it and maintaining it. The Sandbox is kept updated to the latest PUM image at all times and can be truly used as a sandbox – Don’t worry about making a mess in there – we can refresh it overnight and give you a pristine environment to start all over again.

Guided Walkthroughs

Do PeopleBooks, Google searches and blog posts leave you wanting more? There is no substitute for an Astute PeopleSoft resource who can help you understand what’s new in V9.2 and more importantly how it applies to your business. Take the guesswork out and work with our experts to prototype features, put in test transactions and see what works and what doesn’t quite fit the need. We do this all over live web conference sessions – bring one, bring the whole team. We are happy to share our knowledge with you for the greater good.

Your Configuration Data in our V9.2 Sandbox:

Astute has automated the export and import of your configuration data (no transactional data) from your current V9.x application tables into V9.2 configuration tables. Using this, you can model your business needs directly in V9.2 without having to wait to complete the initial pass of your V9.2 application upgrade. Our team will load and validate all the configurations into V9.2 and hand it over to your PeopleSoft in-house teams to use.


Astute’s V9.2 Sandbox is pre-configured for Workcenters, Dashboards, PeopleTools Access, PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF), Fluid UI, Mobile applications and more. Just log in and start using it.

Accelerated Fit-Gap

Think Fit-Gap is complicated? It sure is – but Astute has taken the complications out of it by creating easy to use templates which can be pre-populated with 9.2 features so that you can easily identify which ones meet your customizations or gaps. Use these templates with our Sandbox to quickly analyze your gaps, enhancements and bolt-on modules to see whether you can de-customize or implement new features to eliminate manual or paper based processes.

PTF Test Automation

Say bye to manual Excel-based testing and Hello to FasTest PTF-based automated testing. Why not take advantage of PTF in the Sandbox to see how it can positively impact your V9.2 testing? Astute sweetens the deal by adding its pre-built PTF test libraries to the Sandbox along with our market leading FasTest Test Automation Dashboard to help you visualize and summarize test outcomes at the click of a button.

Security Implementation

Looking to clean-up, re-implement or change your PeopleSoft security model as part of your V9.2 upgrade? Astute can help by bringing your current security model into V9.2 and analyzing the changes between your current version and V9.2, helping you fill gaps, recommend configurations for compliance and develop a security implementation plan.


Astute’s PeopleSoft 9.2 Sandbox vs Traditional Approach

Astute’s V9.2 Sandbox is a pre-built solution which is available immediately (within a day of ordering) with a dedicated instance for each client when compared to the traditional approach which requires weeks to months for configuration.

The V9.2 Sandbox from Astute is faster than traditional processes and accelerates fit-gap and design.


Task                    On Premise                    Astute’s V9.2 Sandbox

Deployment                          Weeks                                    1 Day

Configuration Load             Weeks                                    Days

Accelerated Fit-Gap             Weeks                                    Days

Security Analysis                 Weeks                                    Days

PTF JumpStart                     Weeks                                    1 Day


Astute’s V9.2 Sandbox includes consulting and development assistance allowing your Business to do more instantly with additional benefits such as instant access, hands on-approach, accelerated development and embedded analytics.

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